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Deleting Demo Data »

I cant figure out how to delete the demo data in Access 2007 running on XP SP3. Any help is appreciated. I’m evaluating this software for a company i work with, and am really hoping this will be the software we settle on.

Eliminate MS Access 2007 startup errors »

Question: when I attempt to open VMS using MS Access 2007 I get error messages:


In order to use VMS with MS Access 2007 there are two things you must do:
1) Enable macros and
2) Add the path C:\VMS to the Trust Centre Locations.

Here is how:
Click the start button and open MS Access 2007

Click the “Office” button and then ”Options”:

Go to Trust Centre:

Click “Macro Settings” and click the radio button “Enable All Macros” and click “OK” button:

Click “Trusted Locations” then “Add New Location” button and enter the full path: C:\VMS (also select the checkbox “Subfolders of this location are also trusted) and click “OK” button:

You can see that the path to VMS was added to the “Trusted Locations”:

Click “OK” button then the “OK” button again. Close MS Access then try opening VMS again.

VMS listed on » another download site has listed VMS in their Business/Database Management directory. This is the third download site to list VMS.

Updated Work Press to Version 2.6.1 »

Hi all, I’m proud to say that today I successfully upgraded this Word Press blog to version 2.6.1. It wasn’t difficult but you always worry the first time you start it up - is it going to work, my complements to the guys and gals at Word Press for their dedication and hard work.

VMS Downloaded 500+ Times from and »

As the creator of VMS I am very pleased that VMS is being downloaded and used by so many people. and should have the new update (Version 2000, Build 0061) posted on their sites by November 23, 2007.

New Release - Version 2000 Build 0061 »

A new release of VMS has been released: Version 2000 Build 0061

The new release includes the ability of a Volunteer Manager to enable Volunteers to log into VMS as users and enter the hours they worked a specific position.

This enhancement has been added to satisfy the requests of several users which I would like to thank here:
Benjy Png
Clyde Benedix

Wish I had this years ago! One Question though… »

I was wondering if there was a way to change the titles of the individual tables (datasheets)? For example, we have many departments that provide services under our non-profit agency, but provide vastly different services and have vastly different volunteer needs. So far as I have been working with VMS I have been setting up each department as a seperate “Agency”. I would like to change the title to read “Department” or “Program” rather than “Agency” to make it easier for staff to learn this program. There are a few other places I would like to do this as well.


Jayne Cravens to create a link to VMS - how cool is that? »

Jayne Cravens has agreed to post a link to my database on her website. Should appear at the end of August 2007.

Thank you Jayne!

VMS has been downloaded »

VMS has been downloaded from and over 200 times … I wonder when someone will write a review?

How many times has VMS been downloaded? »

As at July 1, 2007

Over 120 times … and that’s just for the month of June/2007

Wow, looks like someone is using it.