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What is CMDTS?
CMDTS stands for Case Management Document Tracking System. It is an MS Access database designed to provide a simple, user friendly interface for lawyers to track clients, client cases, case documents, case procedures, hours, docket entries and to ultimately produce invoices and a final case summary (hard copy) for filing.

Introduction and Overview
The CMDTS database allows users to add client information and to attach one or more cases to a client.

Case Procedures
CMDTS allows a user to create a set of standard procedures which may be attached to a case. The set of standard procedures represents in chronological order the events (steps) which lead to the orderly completion of a case. Each procedure may have a number of standard documents attached to it along with billable and non billable hours.

Case Documents
An unlimited number of documents may be attached to a case procedure. Each document attached to a case procedure is created automatically from standardized templates based on case type/sub type (see Case Type/Sub Case Type/Standard Procedures). You can create as many documents as you want either one at a time or in batches, i.e., you can create 20 or more at a time if you want). The documents created are specifically attached to a case/procedure and saved to a default folder by year\client\case#, i.e., S:\General\CMDTS\Documents\2011\SmithJohn\87 see Defaults “Template Root Folder”. After the documents are created and attached to a case/procedure they may opened and edited using Word directly from the database. Each template has a number of customizable fields that are populated from the fields in the database.

Billable/Non Billable Hours
Hours are added via a time log form which would normally be kept open allowing any user (lawyer, case worker, administration, etc.) to add time to any case (see Time Log by Case and Daily Time Log).

Billings (Invoices)
Invoices are generated from the hours attached to the case. Double billing a client or billing two clients for the same hours is not possible within CMDTS.

Our solutions are guaranteed to pay for themselves within the first year of deployment.

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